1. Troupe + Pusheen = Friends

  2. Supremely pumped to be joining @rac on tour this fall as a vocalist/band member. RAC.FM/tour for dates!

  3. SPEAK - Gates [Official Video]


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  5. A privilege and a pleasure to debut this SPEAK remix of The Other Side by @madidiaz, now playing on @kickkicksnare: www.kickkicksnare.com/2014/07/24/premiere-madi-diaz-side-speak-remix/


  6. Music Methods // PT.3

    LIVE: (dates @ www.hearspeakhere.com)
    -You get the glorious physical package we extensively labored over, with all the bragging rights, lyric pages and sonic fidelity that entails!
    -We will SIGN THAT BADBOY for you no problem.
    -Helps us pay for gas on the road… gas is extremely expensive.
    -Chatting with people after shows is one of the highlights of touring!  Come say hi — we seriously appreciate it.
    -We have to physically be in your city and you have to be able to attend a show.
    -We have to pay for these wholesale which means we have to charge a couple bucks more than what they cost on Amazon.
    -Pretty much the opposite of instant gratification.  However, if you want to stream the album or borrow it from a friend until you have the chance to get a signed copy at a show I fully support that method!
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    photo by Brian Hamill 


  9. Music Methods // PT.2

    -Instant satisfaction + full control of your digital files (once you convert them from m4as to mp3s… you do that, right?)
    -Pick only the songs you want if you’re into that sort of thing!
    -Apple and our label will actually give us some money from these transactions!
    -iTunes stats are pretty important for “the biz”.
    -If you DO buy the album on iTunes, reviews/ratings are very helpful!
    -Apple has upped their quality game on their mp3s, but you’re still not getting the full dealio obviously.
    -While $9.99 for 14 songs is a pretty damn good deal, you could pay a couple bucks more and have the physical package and .wav-quality audio.
    -As a PC guy you’ll be breaking my heart… ;_;  That being said, I’m not going to force you to buy the album on Google Play or Xbox Music (cuz seriously) so I forgive/love you.

  10. Music Methods // PT.1

    Hope you had a great weekend!  Since many rad folks have asked how to best support us over the years, I’ve decided to compile a list of the pros and cons of purchase/listening methods for our new record.  This covers you as a listener and us as a band.  Let’s start with one of my personal favorite ways to listen to music, Spotify!
    SPOTIFY: (http://bit.ly/Pedals_on_Spotify)

    -You can listen to the record even if you don’t have any money (although I personally pay for Spotify)!
    -The more you listen, the more money we make (although the amount is really really tiny)!
    -Probably the easiest way to make playlists that include our tunes since there’s so much music available.
    -High Spotify playcounts make us look good to “the biz”. 8)
    -If you don’t have the bandwidth for “High quality streaming” the audio will definitely suffer.
    -“Set the same volume level for all tracks” makes our record sound quiet for some reason. :(
    -If you don’t subscribe to Spotify and you don’t buy a copy of the album some other way we don’t make much.  Also ads suuuck, so the listening experience will be kind of annoying.
    -You don’t have any physical or digital versions of the song files so your use is limited, especially if you don’t have Spotify Premium.
    Hope that helps!!  See you for another installment tomorrow.